Non GMO, Vegetarian, Organic (pesticide-free), Natural (non-hybridized), Gluten-free (no wheat), Non Soy Food.


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Is Your Food Killing You?

There is a misconception of eating healthy foods include veggies like carrots, potatoes, yams, rice and broccolli. Although they may be Vegan foods, they are actually silent killers. If it is not natural it is acid not alkaline and thus allows disease to enter the body and creates mucus which is the cause of all disease.


Your Food is Missing Electricity

Life is movement and in the body the biochemistry of movement and life is electricity .  When we bring more electricity to the body we bring more life. When we bring more electricity to the body we bring more life.  An alkaline body is more alive because it resists all disease, provides extra energy for movement and dramatically increases the conductivity and electric receptiveness of the body.  Its literally like moving the dimmer switch all the way up.

Prevent All Disease

It is not just vegetarian food, it is not just organic(pesticide-free), natural (non-hybridized), gluten-free (no wheat) and non-GMO, non-soy food.  It is healing food that electrifies the body and prevents all disease.

Affordable & Delicious

We are offering affordable, tasty substitutes to all the foods you can think of but electric and alkaline and resurrecting food like “Mushroom Taco” or “BBQ Chicken with Mac & Cheese”.

Delivered within Minutes

We Overnight this Electric food right to your front door in US and UK and other Select locations.  Major cities such as New York and Los Angeles and more. We will deliver the food to you within minutes.

Place Your Order Today and Your Food Will Be on It’s Way in Minutes